Sunday, November 25, 2018

One teen, one tween and one preschooler!

It has been 3 and a half years since I last blogged......I think I need to post more often now!
Two bottom teeth have already fallen out! This was taken at his Experi Buddy class.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jordy's 8th Birthday

Jordy had her party at their gymnastic club and she had 22 friends join her. They all had so much fun and were very tired and thirsty afterwards!

Jordy wanted an ice cream cake and it was a real hit!

The picture on the cake is of  Callyn and Jordy and a few friends building a pyramid!

A familiar pose!

A big dive from Callyn into the foam pit!

Some tricks Callyn perfects at home!

I love this shot of Callyn and Jordy in the air at the same time!

Jaosn's best buddy , Ben and his mom Alison.

So small but so muscular!

I dont know how I ended up with this ....must have pressed something on my camera!

Little hooligan!

Adoptia Weekend : Amanzi

We had a lovely weekend away last weekend. Every year we have an Adoptia camp for those families with adopted kids. Donovan is the chairman and I am the secretary so I get to organsie the camp with 3 others on the committee. This year we had 2 guest speakers but then spent the rest of the time socializing. It was a lovely camp!

 These are the dormitories which everyone stayed in....except us! We got the last chalet! Amanzi is a private game farm near Brandfort in the Free State (about 65km from our house).

 Jordy, Jason and I went for an early morning walk/cycle.

 We pushed the pram and bike up this very steep hill and had a lovely view from the top....I am still stiff 4 days later!

 Red lechwe.

 Picnic spot half way into the game drive!

 Spot the curls! Jason loves Uncle Jannie (a good friend of ours who works at Amanzi who also has an adopted son...Callyns good friend!) and being in front was just the best!

 Majestic creatures!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 2015

 Fun times in the bath!

 Some gymnastic photos that will be used on Jordy's ice cream cake and party packs!

 We had fun at Oliewenhuis taking photos for my new frames!

 Besotted with his big brother!

 Our sweet Claudia!

This handsome chap has just got some new takkies.....size 6.....and he is 10 years old!